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Rules for Starting a Business

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Rules for Starting a Business

Post by Damien on Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:44 pm

You can either start a business out of your house or buy a new building for that. It costs 500 cash to start a business. Here you can use the ore from the mine (MUST BE REFINED) to make weapons, furniture, or repair transports. If you want to start a different type of business message Damien, Rashir, or the Master of Time. You can get ore from the mine, by either buying it from a vendor, or sending someone in, but remember raw ore can't be used in crafting. If you don't want to pay the mine for ore you can send someone to go into the public sections of the mine, ( remember that the public sections are dangerous and you will have a harder time finding people that will do this without high pay.) After you have your Ore, you need to get it refined in Veinitia. You can also sell the ore directly to the refinery for basic price, but it is worth more if you use it to make a product. It will take a d20 dice roll to make your items, here is a scale:

Anything under 10: Ruined
You rolled a 10: Its an eyesore to look at, almost never works, and will be hard to sell...
You rolled a 11: Well it looks ok and at least it works sometimes, wont be easy to sell...
You rolled a 12: It doesn't look bad, and hey it works most off the time! It should sell...
You rolled a 13: It looks home-made, but not in the bad way, and works 90 percent of the time, it will sell....
You rolled a 14: Hey this one looks great, and it works all the time, it will sell sooner than the others!
You rolled a 15: Finally it looks professional, and it doesn't just work, it works well, it will sell fast!
You rolled a 16: Professional grade, beautiful craftsmanship, you will not be able to keep it on the shelf!
You rolled a 17: Something only everyone would want, this piece is amazing, people will fight over it!
You rolled a 18: It is Masterwork, its what the best want, and it will fly off the shelf!
You rolled a 19: It is of awe inspiring work, worth more then its weight in gold! This will be gone as soon as you finish!
You rolled a 20: It is perfect, not one little imperfection, you are truly a master of craftsmanship, it will be almost priceless qualitiy!

Your roll is affect by the skill you have. To get the skill you must successfully craft an item a specified amount of times, when you have done this PM Damien, Rashir, or the Master of Time. Do not add the skills yourself, we will do it. Don't lie when crafting please. Here are the skills:

No skill: -15 to all crafting rolls

(20 successful crafts) Beginner Craftsmanship skill: -10 to all crafting rolls

(50 successful crafts) Intermediate Craftsmanship skill: -5 to all Crafting rolls

(100 successful crafts) Moderate Craftsmanship skill: -2 to all Crafting rolls

(150 successful crafts) Journeyman Craftsmanship skill: rolls are unafected

(300 successful crafts) Master Craftsmanship Skill: +5 to all rolls

Also don't go into competition with someone else with your business (There is plenty of other business you can start don't compete for the same goods.) If you must work in that field, see if they will hire you, or just go somewhere else.

If you don't have the money to start a full-fledged business, you can be a travelling merchant until you can afford to pay.

When you have decided on the business you want to start message Damien, Rashir, or the Master of Time and we will move your rank to store owner, and give you a section for your business. If there are to many businesses in one area we will ask that you move to another area.
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