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Battle Rules

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Battle Rules

Post by Master of Time on Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:59 am

The way you use our Battle System is the traditional RP battle format. This means that whoever has the better writing process (Decided by a Moderator or an admin) will most likely win the battle. It is possible for you to win with inferior writing with your character if he posesses greater skills, abilities, techniques, or even weapons. If you disagree with the verdict of the admin or mod, you should message them and ask them politely to review the post again. If you still disagree, message Rashir or Damien.

We also have a battle system for those of you who can't write very well quite yet. Your character will have 100 HP (This does not apply to Damien and Rashir, They have around 500 HP) and we will use the dice system on the portal. Please use a 1d20 die. The way this system works is that the character who starts the battle will roll and use it as an attack. The other participant then makes a roll to use for defense and one for an attack. If the defense roll is higher than the other user's attack roll, then the attack is blocked or dodged. If it is lower, then subtract your defend roll from their attack roll and take the resulting number from your HP. The user then uses their attack roll against the other player, and the process repeats. Post the name of your character and fill in the campaign name as "Timeless Destiny". Please be honest about your rolls as we can access the roll archives in the site. If we do not see your roll in the archive and you do not provide a link, we will delete that post and have you start again. Also your number of dice attacks go up with rank:
Newcomer: 1 attack
Traveller: 1 attack
Warrior: 2 attacks
Experienced Warrior: 2 attacks
Reaper: 3 attacks
Experienced Reaper: 3 attacker
Master Reaper: 4 attacks
Death Reaper: 5 attacks

Now some special ranks, like for guilds will get more attacks, because the player were trained by Damien and Rashir.

The Hunter of the Night ranks:
Trainee: 5 attacks
Watcher: 5 attacks
Runner: 5 attacks
Wolfhound: 5 attacks and 1 free block/dodge per post
Razor: 6 attacks and 1 free block/dodge per post
Shade: 6 attacks and 2 free block/dodges per post
Guardian: 7 attacks and 2 free block/dodges per post
Saviour: 8 attacks and 3 free block/dodges per post

Dead Judgement:
Assassin: 6 attacks
Time's Killer: 6 attacks
Elite Assassin: 7 attacks
Legendary Reaver: 7 attacks and 2 free block/dodges per post
Death's Right Hand: 8 attacks and 3 free block/dodges per post

The death system works like this: If you are unable to dodge a deadly blow, you die. No permission is needed for you to be killed. If a character dies, he may be brought back to life by me, Rashir, or Damien. If you are brought back to life by us, you can ask for training to gain one special ability of your creation (within reason). We have the right to refuse training you. If we don't bring you back, you will be in the Realm of the Dead section. You can't take anything from when you're alive with you. You will regain all of your stuff when you resurrect. There is more info on resurrecting in the Realm of the Dead section.
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