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Tier 3 Machine Crafting Rules(WIP)

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Tier 3 Machine Crafting Rules(WIP)

Post by Damien on Fri Dec 31, 2010 4:00 pm

Utility Drone: Body: Requires 1 Bar, Two Plates, of any metal. Basic Crafting Skill
Systems: Requires Three Visual Sensors, Three Silicon Chips, Utility Programming
Equipment: Welder, Cutter Tool
Description: Basic utility drone, commonly found on construction sites, and is usefull in Crafting. NOTE, can only craft as well as the creator.

Security/Combat Drone: Body: Requires 1 Bar, Three Plates, Iron or Steel only. Basic Crafting Skill
Systems: Thermal Optics, Combat Inhibitor, 5 Silicon Chips, Security Programming
Equipment: Any small weapon (Excluding melee)
Description: This drone is commonly found anywere where security is important, although it isn't commonly seen on the frontlines because it is fairly easy to destroy. Note: Tends to shoot first and ask questions later.

Caretaker Drone: Body: 2 Bars (2nd Bar for Arms), 1 Plate. Basic Crafting Skill
Systems: Requires Two Visual sensors, 4 Silicon Chips, Houskeeping programming, Decision programing
Equipment: Cleaning implaments,
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