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Laurentius Pyrrhicus

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Laurentius Pyrrhicus

Post by Phyrron on Fri Aug 16, 2013 3:13 am

Name:Laurentius Pyrrhicus


   Weight:160 lbs


   Gender: Male

   Personality: Despite his plain appearance, you'd have serious trouble not noticing him in a crowd. His loud, deep, voice has resonated throughout many campsite clearing. Laurentius is jocular and friendly, and can often be heard making idle jokes and friendly jabs at his friends. He has an indomitable spirit, despite his joking complaints at various facets of daily life (common topics including the night's meal, the day's march, and his friend's poor senses of humor), and he won't be stopped by such inconveniences as people in his way. He doesn't have a tendency to get mad, although a fight might seem like an interesting pastime, and even when he does he is quick to cool unless the irritant continues to evade his efforts at quelling it. Laurentius is not prone to boredom, if only because it's a rare moment that some minutia doesn't need taking care of. In a serious fight, he will never talk. Nobody can tell why, although most think he's concentrating hard on the battle itself. Perhaps he just doesn't want somebody else's blood in his mouth.

   Appearance: Large and plain, in all respects. He is very muscled, with brown hair and eyes. His hair is close cut, without being shaven. He often wears short-sleeved shirts and light pants, along with sturdy boots. He appears worn from constant travel, and bears the looks of one who hasn't had quite enough sleep from constant nightly watches.

   Fighting Style: Laurentius fights in the front with a big shield and varying weapons, usually a set of javelins, a spear, and a gladius, legionnaire style. Should there be no opportunity for a shield wall, he'll probably either ditch the javelins and large shield in favor of a  smaller shield and the same gladius so he can favor his mobility, or he'll lose it all, put on some fun looking brass knuckles, and decide it's a good time to become practice battle dentistry.

   History: Born to low-middle class parents, he did well in school and loved reading. The first seven years of his life were an amazing whirlwind of learning and hope. Until his parents started to view his reading habit as possibly financially dangerous. Books that aren't bibles are expensive, after all.
So they sent him off to a military academy, where he got so bored after 2 years of slow and steady improvement that he coasted through to rank and file legionnaire for the next 4, then was sent marching in endless patrols. Eventually he saw some actual combat against a small rebellion, and promptly continued his life with a few minor decorations of honor. 1 year later, and he's wounded on the battlefield in one of the biggest battles in his small nation's military history.
Despite his nation winning, he spent the next six months in a monastery, wishing for the chance to go out and ply his craft, such as it is, once more. Now, several months later, he's finally free to seek his own path after ten years of following orders.
Perhaps the world isn't ready for a man who is neither a lord nor a pawn, but good luck to them if they plan to try and stop him.

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Re: Laurentius Pyrrhicus

Post by Rashir on Fri Aug 16, 2013 3:35 am

Man, I'm really lax about the length on bios. xD
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Re: Laurentius Pyrrhicus

Post by Damien on Fri Aug 16, 2013 7:03 pm

Interesting character, I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with this...
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Re: Laurentius Pyrrhicus

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