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Re: Help!

Post by Acgrim on Sat Aug 17, 2013 8:45 pm

Smiling at the boy's enthusiasm, I begin walking toward the nearby treeline. I might as well get some more work done while I'm out here. I'll be running low on money after I maintain my equipment and buy supplies. I've told you my name, so what's yours? And I hope you don't mind getting your hands dirty. Like that stranger said, I'm a mercenary. In fact, we're headed to another job now. With the last of my words, I hand him a thin piece of paper. On it, it explains that a dire bear has been killing hunters in the area, and that anyone who can kill the beast will be paid well. I wasn't going to attempt this job alone, but with a little help, we might be able to manage. Just be careful. Dire bears are generally quite large, and all of them are dangerous. You up for this? I look down at my armguard. Tsk. Dented. I need to be more careful on this job. Metal won't stop this one.

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Re: Help!

Post by Padexin on Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:28 pm

"Oh, sorry. I'm Pax Jyrr. I should have mentioned that earlier," I say. As we walk, I trip on a root. --I hate relying on my eyes...-- I decide just to close them and hear the things around me. "Of course I'll help! It's the least I could do, for, you know. Saving me earlier. I have a few handy tricks up my sleeve, just you watch," I say. --I'd better warn him that these "tricks" completely exhaust me. But not now. Later. For now, I am happy to travel with him.--

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