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Post by Guest on Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:56 pm

Thought I would make this for people to post enemy suggestions, and post a few of my own.

Street Thug, Boss Thug

Body Guard

Mafia Thug, Mafia Guard, Mafia Boss

Pickpocket, Thief, Robber, Master Thief




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Re: Enemies

Post by Crade on Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:39 am

Kudos to Ziegrick for the idea, let me think...
(u can think of the hp and drops damien, also note you dont need to add the descriptions, im only doing that to give whoever reads this a better idea of these enemies)

giant rat (Every bad adventure tale beggins with them)
Civilian ( lets face it not every player will take the path of good.)
spider (I am not fond of spiders. Has anyone else awoken to find a spider bite on their arm?)

City guard (again some players may go bad and as such they would be less then welcome in most cities)
Necromancer ( they summon minions, that and mideval ppl need something to fight)
gangster ( and for that matter so do modernistic ppl)
Secret police (what better way to start off a story for a modernistic character then to be abducted eh?)

(if marked is part of the name it means they are affiliated with the shadowmark a group of extremeists with ties to the government. you can take over the origin and overall story of the marked from there.)
Marked raider scout: (they almost seem to blend in the shadows in which they hide)
Marked raider (Tough as nails and with equipment to match)
marked priest (a shady group of men and women who seem to have the ability to brainwash ppl. They also have a nasty nack for hiring mercs and raiders to do their bidding.)

Marked shadowmage: (who knows if they can really use magic, but it is certain that their abilities are very unhuman.)
Beast master (No matter how weak they look its certain they have a friend at least three times your size... and its probubly right behind you.)

Inocent soul (The lost soul of one who has done no wrong and was murdered in cold blood. Not only are they powerfull but the guilt of killing one is overbareing,)
Marked Chaze (evil beings that are more beast then man, perhaps those are the product of a shadowmark project gone very wrong... or very right)

Alpha wolves (men and women who not only know they are warewolves but embrace that fact and are just as capable as humans as they are as wolves.)
Lost: (Wretched souls who have lost every ounce of what they used to be and now only hunger for blood. A lost is created when an innocent soul kills something.)

Marked high priest (arguably the leader of the shadowmark. Just so you know the shadowmark isnt a hirarchy, its rulled by whoever can take it by force)
Alpha wolf chief (it was he/she idc who gave the alpha wolves the ability to think clearly in their wolf forms. who know what other dark powers it may posses)
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Hunter of the Night: Watcher

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Re: Enemies

Post by Damien on Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:17 am

Alright I added Crades Monsters, but not all of the desc, its getting late, I'll do more work with the desc's and Zeigs monsters l8ter.
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Re: Enemies

Post by Sponsored content

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