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Crade's Skills

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Crade's Skills

Post by Crade on Sun Jun 13, 2010 3:23 pm

Name:Summon Machine
Effect: A machine is summoned/prepared and pulled from your inventory to fight or any use it may be equiped for.
Duration:Until the machine is stowed back in inventory or destroyed
Cooldown: Four posts
Prereqs:The machine must be premade and in the inventory (or arms) of the caster/creator. The machines dont have to be pre-equiped but per each item you equip during battle it takes one post. At this level the user may only summon two basic machines (small robots, drones, etc.) or one intermidiate machine (Medium robots, Heavily equiped drones)

Name:Dirty fighting
Effect:Enemy is blinded (or stunned if critical) followed bu a quick jab that, if is also critical, will knock the opponent down.
Duration:The damage only last the turn of the attack. If the enemy is stunned they lose their next post if they are blined accuracy is reduced.
Cooldown:Three posts
Prereqs:The user must have some form of dirt (or something that can be thrown in ones eyes) in their inventory or within reach.

Name:Basic mechanics
Effect:The user has basic knowledge of all machines and can fix them as well as create them. The user also knows how to create basic parts from certain metals. For basic machins there is less of a penalty, but the more advanced the machine the more the succes rate is decreased
Duration: (passive)
Prereqs: The user must have some form of toolkit as well as the parts required for the machine that needs fixing/building or the metals required to make the part.

Name: Decoy
Effect: If a critical/finishing blow is about to be dealt, the user makes his machine take damage for him.
Duration: the turn of the opponents attack.
Cooldown: no cooldown but prereqs must be met.
Prereqs: There must be a pre summoned machine under the users control. The machine must be within a radius that the machines current speed can reach.

Name: Pistol Combo
Effect: The user pistol whips the enemy with one of the pistols forcing the enemy back off, this is quickly followed by two shots from the other pistol.
Duration: One Post
Cooldown: Three Posts
Prereqs: The user must have both pistols equiped and the enemy must be within melee range.

Name: Battlefield Awareness (Acquired by training with Damien)
Effect: + 1 to all defence rolls
Duration: Constant
Cooldown: None
Prereqs: None

Name: Cowl of the Night (Acquired by joining the Hunters of the Night)
Effect: The user becomes a shadow when they use this power, not as good as complete invisibility, and only good while in the shadows or during nightime
Duration: Until significant light is on the caster, or he releases it
Cooldown: Two posts
Prereqs: Must be in the shadows or after the sun sets

Name: Time Travel (Temporary Skill)
Effect: Do I really have to explain this?
Duration: One post
Cooldown: 20 posts
Prereqs: None

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