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Assassination Quests

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Assassination Quests

Post by Rashir on Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:02 am

Post in here if you would like to go on a quest or request an assassination. As an assassin, most quests are solo.

Quest levels:
Beginner: These quests are easy and you will get a small reward from this. These will always be solo quests.

Intermediate: A bit harder but still quite easy and gives a better reward. These will always be solo quests.

Professional: These quests are for the slightly more experienced people and give better rewards. These will always be solo quests.

Master: These quests are for really experienced people and give great rewards. These will almost always be solo quests.

Demonic: These quests will be for the truly seasoned fighters and give even better rewards. These quests require at least two assassins.

Unearthly: These quests are incredibly hard and give amazing rewards. These require three assassins.

Godlike: These quests are nearly impossible and give incredible rewards. These require four assassins.

Impossible: These quests are exactly what the name implies, impossible. It is recommended that you know what you're doing in order to take these quests. These require five characters. You can ask people other than assassins for these quests.
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