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Pax Jyrr

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Pax Jyrr

Post by Padexin on Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:15 am

Name: Pax Jyrr

Age: 16

Weight: 130 lbs.

Height: 5'11"

Gender Male

Personality Pax means peace. Pax is peaceful by name, peaceful by nature. He only fights when his friends are threatened. He likes to help anyone he can, but he does not usually have the strength to do so. He has a sense of people; he can't exactly read their minds, but he can tell if they are stressed, or if they are being held back by something. He does his best to help these people especially. Pax is more of a healer than a fighter. He is a natural leader, although he would rather stay in the back. He is passive, just allowing things to happen, rather than causing them himself; this means he is very hard to trace.  Pax has a sense of detachment and frivolity to everything. It is very hard for him to take something seriously. He doesn't get easily inspired, but when he does, you cannot stop him; he becomes very focused on his goal, with nothing stopping him. He also has a feel for the ends of quests; if someone takes the wrong direction, he knows immediately. Pax has an adoration for music, particularly music with a great range of instruments or pitch. He also enjoys explaining things, and it's quite difficult to get him to shut up when he starts.

Appearance Pax is slightly disheveled, on account of not caring about his appearance. He has ragged clothes, and he wears strong glasses on account of not using his eyes most of his life (the only reason he wears these is for the purpose of reading.) He likes wearing bright clothes, and he has neck length, brown hair. He likes wearing long pants and short sleeves, but he gets cold easily, so you'll see him most often in long sleeves.

Fighting Style Pax doesn't fight at the front. He is a tactician, directing people in battle. If he must fight himself, he picks up his bow, and finds a good high place to fire from. That, or he runs very much around and fires at enemies behind or in front of him (he doesn't have to look where he's firing. Reason is in history)

History Pax grew up in a very different environment; they didn't use their eyes. The mist from a nearby sea that rolled into town was so dense that you couldn't see. Ever. Pax's father was the leader of the tribe. Pax was the first born in the village, so he was the first to learn to live completely blind. The village, instead of using signs, used music to show which shop was which. Each family made a song to show which house was theirs, and it became tradition for family moving out to make a new song to show their own house.
As Pax grew up, he learned to shoot a bow. This was an odd weapon for a boy who couldn't see, but he chose it; and he learned to shoot it with great accuracy from just his ears (this means if someone managed to temporarily deafen him or was completely silent, he would be incapacitated.) Finally, he decided to travel the world. He reached the edge of the mist, and nonchalantly took a step out.
What is this? The white is gone! As Pax was introduced to a new sense, he staggered. It was too much.
Walking. Walking walking walking. This was taking forever. He had been walking for... Weeks? He'd lost a lot of weight, living off of the vultures he could hear breathing. He finally saw a house. No, not just a house. A city. Civilization!

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Re: Pax Jyrr

Post by Rashir on Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:25 am

Aight. I like it.
ACCPETED (I needa find a stamp for this. I think imma google a picture. xD)
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