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Crade's weapons

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Crade's weapons

Post by Crade on Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:24 pm

Name: Karma & Fate (dual revolvers)

Type: Revolver Pistols

Appearance: Both are dull grey with average barrel lengths. The looks are almost exactly the same but each pistol has its name engraved on the side.

Abilities: Double tap: with a reduction of accuracy both pistols can be shot at the same time.

Drawbacks: Though they pack more of a punch then normal pistols, being revolvers they are limited to six shots then a reload.

Name: Wrist Launcher (worn on left arm)

Type: Gauntlets with specalized tubes built in for launching projectiles (darts in this case)
Appearance: It looks like a simple gauntlet from a distance but closer inspection may reveal thicker plating as well as extra metal work where the tubes are.

Abilities: Grappling shot: This move takes two posts. The first to load in a shot that is hoocked and connected to the launcher with metal cable, and the second to fire said shot

Drawbacks: The launcher has good range and accuracy when it does fire, but it is not completely reliable. If the attack roll is 5 less then the enemys deffence roll then the Launcher will jam. Should this happen you will take three posts to unjam the launcher.

Name: Ninjato

Type: Katana

Appearance: The blade is a dull gray and the hilt is wrapped by common cloth. The sheath it wood wrapped in light metal caseing. The metal on the hilt is decorated by a multitude of symbols and strange lines, perhaps they are design perhaps not...

Abilities: The blade is shorter then any normal katana as well as the hilt.

Drawbacks: The blade length makes it easier to carry around but also less heft and less of a reach.

Name: Animarum

Type: Ninjato

Appearance: The metal is all black with runes etched into the base of the blade, The hilt retains the average katana style while being slightely shorter then a normal katana. The blades tip is slightly serrated and at the base of the hilt lies a spike

Demonic Speed- Increases the speed of Crade exponentially. (+2 to any kind of defence rolls, including dodges)
Demonic Transformation- Enabled Crade to transform into an incredibly powerful form for six posts. (+3 to any rolls, Demonic Speed is disabled in this form)

Details: Given by an admin as an award for being the first user.
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