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    Crade Drift

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    Crade Drift

    Post by Crade on Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:28 pm

    Name: Crade Drift




    Gender: Male

    Personality: He has a very interesting sense of what is right and wrong. Though he is morally good he doesn't always obey laws. He is no Robin Hood. He will help others where he can, but he knows there is only so much he can do and as such. In the end, he usually ends up out for himself. Whatever his morals may be, there are two things that break the chain so to speak: He is very compassionate about his friends and he hates his enemies. Mind you that no matter how much he hates or loves somebody he keeps his cool and can stay collected and calm in most situations. He is persuasive and he knows it. Like most men his age he likes attention where it is due and often shows off his charismatic prowess. He isn't initially a thief but in times of need he is quick enough to steal. He loves to work with his hands such as crafts, items, and machines. He simply loves to build, and as such over time he has become very good at it. Out of all things he couldn't pick a lock or hack a console to save his life.

    Appearance: Aside from the weight and height previously shown, he is average. He has tanned skin and light brown hair, and his eyes are smokey grey. He is physically fit as in he he is slightly more muscular then average. Though, unless he goes without clothing it doesn't really show. He has thin lips, and wears casual clothes such as a silver and blue shirts, grey camo pants, and a pauldren over his right shoulder made from scrap metal and other scrap made armor for some light protection. He can almost always be seen with a tool kit of some kind on his person.

    Fighting Style: Crade is a very defencive fighter and on occasion will fight dirty. You could some it up in wait for an opportunity or make one.

    History: Crade was brought up in a very middle class family. This gave him a mixed experience in life via: He didn't have the pampered lifestyle of the rich, but had more freedom and didn't have as much life experience as the poor but still had some cash. At a young age, to his parents dismay, he found it very entertaining to take apart appliances around the house, even more strange, and his parents were even more surprised than himself, he could easily put them back together. Both of his parents recognized this "gift" as a good thing. Before you know it both parents made it a habit to bring back any scrap metal they found for use by Crade. By his early Teens Crade got his first tool kit and things only went up from there. Crade also developed an early love for any revolver styled pistol. After haveing found two in a scrap heap, long hours of practice earned him prficiancy at duel wielding them. Crade Never really had the opportunity to learn much about mechanics in school but thanks to trial and effort he eventually caught on. The Planet he lived on was greatly in debt to other planets. Right before the debt could be payed the planets decided to collect forming a short term alliance in the process. The invasion was swift and thousands if not millions of innocent were killed in the initial strike. Crade and his family were separated and his parents were most likely killed. Crade never found out. He managed to escape with others attempting to flee the chaos. All that left of his past is memories. Now all he can do is hope for a chance to start again.
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    Re: Crade Drift

    Post by Rashir on Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:05 am

    ACCEPTED nicely done
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