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My Awakening

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My Awakening

Post by Master of Time on Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:00 am

I only exist because of this world, and it exists because of me. All souls, and thoughts, have effects on existence. Many people want second chances at life in order to be well off. Because time is both this world and myself, I am this world, and I bring people here for a new life.

This small piece of information will be about my life. I know how I was created. In fact, I could know everything that has happened before my creation if I wish. I know everything there is to know about any living creature. This is possible because I am able to look throughout time and see the events in any person's life, and I can also plant thoughts in their minds. This is not how I brought the first man into my world, but I will tell you of this later.

Now, the process of which I was created takes centuries, even millenia, to actually happen. Many different races think along the same lines and wish to have better lives. Their souls and thoughts effect the very existence of other beings. This is how I was created, woven by the threads of time into a new dimension, just as a person would weave fabrics into a basket. I was created as a planet with potential for limitless lands, expanding across eternity. My small amount of land was beautiful and green, a small meadow with much life and serenity. The life was only of vegetation, though. Not a soul had realized that I was created, and it saddened me. I spent decades going unnoticed by the inhabitants of other dimensions.

After thirty years, a seemingly impossible thing happened. I was noticed by a man who had been long dead, and he asked me to bring him into my universe. I did as he asked. He had no body, as his was destroyed many centuries ago. I created a new body for him, and he thanked me. The man rarely spoke, but when he did, it was about a family that he had sworn to watch after death. I gave this man powers over time and death, as to let him watch over the family he protected. This man's name is Rashir Chikara.

Around one year later, Rashir had brought the sole survivor of the family to our world. The man was half dead and Rashir wanted me to give him the same power as himself. I told Rashir that he would lose most of the memory from his old life if I did this. He agreed regardless, and I gave the man a choice. This dying man could be the keeper of the balance of my world or just live here. The dying man decided to keep my balance in his hands. I was surprised that he would take such responsibility upon himself. At that moment, I took the majority of a man's life and saved another. This second inhabitant of my world is Damien Fox.

I made these two men the rulers of my world, and together we planted thoughts of this world into the other universes. These thoughts are invitations into my world. We now await people who accept our invitations, and we wait with great excitement.

Infinity, The Timeless World
Master of Time

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