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    The Melodic Mists

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    The Melodic Mists

    Post by Padexin on Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:47 am

    Pax kept walking. And walking and walking. Finally, when he could walk no longer, he stumbled and fell. A man helped him up.
    "Hello," he said.
    "Um, hello. Who are you?" Said Pax.
    "Just a kindly stranger. I run into every wanderer around here. I always give them the same thing." He turened around and began rummaging in his pack. Pax tensed, but he did not run. This man did not seem malevolent.
    "Ah, here's the dang thing. Here you are, good man." He handed Pax an axe.
    "Well, I'll be leaving now. Good luck!"
    Pax turned to thank the man, but he was gone. "What am I supposed to do with this?" though Pax. Then he saw some trees. He was tired of wandering. Tired of walking. It was time he settled down. But what to name his home...
    Finally, it was finished. It was pretty mediocre. But it was home. Home... How long had it been since he had had one?
    He then knew what to name it. His last home. The music. The mist.
    Welcome to the town of The Melodic Mists.
    ((Anyone is free to build a house, or fortress, or whatever pleases around here, if you want. Just RP it in reply, and I'll keep a list of residents here.))
    Reisidents: Pax Jyrr

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