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Damiens Story

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Damiens Story

Post by Damien on Wed Jun 09, 2010 4:33 pm

Damien's first life was by no means a life of luxury. On the contrary, he was the lowest of the low. An orphan street boy growing up by himself, Damien learned that life was never fair. Many times he saw other street rats shot just because they were trying to survive. He became a thief when he saw that he couldn't live off peoples pity forever. He decided that it didn't hurt anyone if he "borrowed" their items and took the "extra money" lying around in their wallets. This new lifestyle opened up his eyes. He no longer saw himself as a mere thief, but as an equaliser; that his stealing was actually justice and fairness. Then the plague infected his planet. Damien welcomed it, he didn't see it as an evil or malicious entity. He saw it as a reminder that just because you have more money doesn't mean your better then someone else, it will still kill you. Even with this opinion Damien realised that without the cure he would also fall to the disease. He had the money but it was reserved for the "Upper Class". Desperate, Damien broke in to a nearby Medical Station to try to get it. He was caught before he got to the door. He thought he had nothing to lose, that no one could weaken him with wasn't there, but he was wrong. In prison he lost the one thing he ever had, his Independence, and it nearly drove him insane. Fortunally he found a way out. On his 109th day in jail he was going to be transfered to a small moon where he would be forced to mine Verridium, a mineral used to make plasma cannons on warships. Damien planned to hijack the shuttle and use it to escape before it left for the moon. As he was loaded onboard the shuttle he grabbed grabbed the seatbelt of his seat to strangle the guard behind him and killed the other two with the guards pistol. as this happened the other prisoners saw that this was their chance and made a break for it. As Damien got into the cockpit he heard a machine gun open fire, and then he knew the others were dead and that he needed to leave. The shuttle was fast but the AA guns were locked on and a jet of plasma took out the life support on the craft. Damien knew that if he returned he would be executed, so he kept on going. He ran out of fuel about two hundred parsecs away from his home planet. He was running out of air, and was sure he would die right there, but that didn't happen. A group of Freelancers found him and rescued him. He was fourteen when they found him. He was trained in throwing knifes pistols and swords, and he mastered them all. At age nineteen he left the only family he ever had to work alone. He drifted from planet to planet, fighting for causes he felt was right, and destroying oppressive governments like the one on his home planet. He died when a police officer shot him as Damien tried to save a begger from being killed by a drunk noble.

That is not the end of Damien's Story. He was found and brought back to life by the Master of Time, who was amazed by his undying will to protect the weak from the cruel and by his judgement of fairness and justice. The Master offered Damien a second chance, a blank page, where he would be The Keeper of the Balance, Damien accepted and the Master taught him how to travel time, to bring back the dead, and to watch all three time periods at once so he can go where he is needed. Damien also met his first friend, Rashir, who trained him to fight much better then anyone in the other world. Rashir told Damien that he had been the one that brought him to the Master of Time and begged him to bring him back. For this Damien owed Rashir everything and would help him in any way possible. Damien loves his new life and would never undo a moment in his life.
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